The Vision

Solihull Academy is not intended to replace current Local Authority provision. It is a new type of provision to fill a gap identified by schools working together through a collaborative of Heads, Principals and Solihull Local Authority.

Each school in Solihull has had the opportunity to sign on as a trustee school of the academy, working in partnership to assure admission, provision and facilities are the most appropriate for the students who are referred here from our trustee schools.  Despite the improvements in provision already made in the borough, there still remains a cohort of students for whom the current pattern of provision is not able to meet all of their needs.  A different type of alternative provision is required, particularly for the core clientele of Solihull Academy.

Solihull needs an additional, alternative solution for a number of students for whom mainstream education is simply not working (for a range of reasons).   Our mission is to change the outcomes of these students for the better. With a balanced mix of academic and pastoral intervention, challenge and rigour, the academy is a structured, therapeutic environment to give some of the more vulnerable students in the borough a chance to truly succeed.  We are a community of leaders and teachers who can change the educational futures and life chances for every student who comes to us and, thereby, change what education looks like in Solihull.

We are NOT a Pupil Referral Unit or a Special School and we are not a “last chance” alternative, nor is Solihull Academy a short-stay provision to intervene and then send students back to mainstream schools.    Our vision is to ensure our pupils gain ground so that they regain what may have been lost in their previous experiences of education, taking them as far as they can go (and even further than they might think possible) academically, socially, emotionally and morally.  Solihull Academy is the difference for those of our students who have urgently needed for something different.  The school offers students the opportunity to study a mainstream curriculum focused on academic subjects, in a much smaller environment than that on offer in Solihull currently.

The simple aim of Solihull Academy is to engage its students into education and progression to employment, training or further education. It is to ensure students are able to access the same currency of qualifications and enable them to re-engage with Post-16 provision.

We identify and intervene with students across all 15 Solihull secondary schools and make sure this intervention happens early enough that the pupil has an alternative path (transferring to Solihull Academy) that ends in academic success and enhances life chances and outcomes.