The Solihull Alternative Provision Academy is a safe, well-ordered and caring learning environment, which delivers high-quality education to all its students.

We support pupils to develop their individual potential for growth, self-worth and self-control through experiencing outstanding teaching, clear and consistent guidance and support, therapy and intervention. The academic curriculum fulfils our principal aim of providing access to a range of accredited qualifications (centred around GCSEs), as well as educational and social experiences, which address the learning and emotional needs of our students.

We support every student to develop their true potential and make a positive contribution to their community as they progress towards adult life. We cater for a range of abilities with a bespoke programme tailored to identify the gaps in learning in order to maximise potential and enable students to enter employment or training at Post-16 or, in a real minority of cases, return to mainstream education.


  • To challenge every student to raise their aspirations and excel in academic achievements.
  • To instill in students the values and characteristics necessary to become successful, confident and responsible members of society.
  • To teach students the value of self-discipline, resilience and respect in order to become life-long learners.
  • To prepare students to participate in and contribute to a society with ever-changing scientific, technical and global needs.
  • To develop a range of learning opportunities which allow early intervention, prevention and secure engagement in a more innovative way.

By including Year 9 we allow opportunities for early assessment of need and appropriate learning programmes and interventions that will lead to appropriate progression routes into and beyond Key Stage 4.  Our principles are underpinned by:

  • High-quality teaching leading to a stimulating and enjoyable educational experience for all.
  • A broad and balanced curriculum, with an emphasis on English, Mathematics and Science, which also offers real choice and opportunity in an ever-changing technological world.
  • A currency of qualifications that are recognised by employers and at Post-16 and in Higher Education establishments.
  • A well-ordered and disciplined environment where students feel safe, calm and happy.
  • An extensive programme of pastoral and academic intervention where students receive tailored and individualised support to overcome their barriers to learning.
  • An extensive programme of enrichment where students can develop their talents and interests.
  • Strong bonds between home, school and the community that reinforce the school’s success.

Solihull Academy Purpose

  • To meet the personal emotional and academic needs of 13-16 year old students who have not thrived in mainstream provision and require a different, more closly-focused educational experience to succeed.
  • To maximise the academic achievement of the Academy’s students and provide them with a positive springboard into a successful life post-16.