Solihull Academy represents the vision of Head Teachers and Principals to create an enriching alternative provision free school environment that will ensure all students across the Local Authority have access to a high quality alternative educational provision.

This new alternative provision Academy will provide a safe, well ordered, caring and highly supportive learning environment that will deliver high quality education to students who need a more closely focused learning solution to enable them to maximise their academic and personal performance. The use of outstanding, inspiring teaching and clear, consistent guidance and support will play a pivotal role in helping each child fulfill their maximum potential for growth, self-worth and self-control.

The Academy’s curriculum will provide access to a comprehensive range of accredited qualifications, as well as educational and social experiences that will recognise and address the personal emotional and development needs of its students. We will support every student, developing their true potential and helping them make a valuable contribution within their community as they progress towards a positive and successful adult life.